RAD Live Wallpaper Maker
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RAD Live Wallpaper Maker

The Biggest Aesthetic Wallpapers Collection !

Rad HD : Live Wallpapers Maker allows you to make your screen come to life with moving wallpapers.
Seamlessly customize and animate your screen with our variety of cute funny, trippy, and mesmerizing wallpapers!!! We have the largest catalogue of HD time lapsed videos. Customize your video with video trimming and position capabilities. You will have complete control over what you want your video to look like. Download now and take advantage of all of our great features !

-Large Live Wallpaper catalog with search option
-Abstract and dynamic time-lapse videos
-Mesmerizing HD patterns and designs
-Gallery of liked wallpapers
-Video trimming capabilities
-Video positioning capabilities
-One tap easy downloads and saves to camera roll
-Free in app preview of all wallpapers
-Free upload and customization of your own videos